Ohio is a hub of numerous lakes and rivers. As might be expected, hundreds of birds can be sighted around for a significant part of the year. This place is perfect for bird-watching enthusiasts. Beautiful, colorful feathery beings can be spotted perching on different vegetation, swimming, preening, or foraging for food. Observing them in picturesque surroundings is a treat for the eyes.

Out of all, the most fascinating aspect is the white-colored birds. In this post, we have brought factual information about some of the white birds in Ohio, like none other, which is as follows:-

Ross’s goose

Ross’s goose

Height: 23in. To 24in.

Weight: 1.34 kg. To 1.48 kg

Appearance: It is one of the smallest sized geese found in Ohio. This cute looking bird has a spherical head, and the neck is short. Its beak is triangular, and the feet are fleshy pink-red. The adult birds have a white body; however, offsprings are brown at the center. 

Diet: Ross’s geese eat all sorts of vegetation. Be it grass, small, plants, grains available around or roots. They seldom eat insects. They seek food walking around the space, browsing for seeds, and little shoots.

Behavior: Mainly a monogamous bird; however, at times, the male seeks the company of other females. The female makes the nest and she and her mate, both guard their nest. This bird is an even-tempered creature but doesn’t spare intruders who bother his family.

Northern gannet

Northern gannet

Height: 34in. To 39in.

Weight: 2.3kg. To 3.6kg

Appearance: The adult northern gannet has a white body with a slight beige hue over the head and the back of the neck. The wings are long and lean with black-brown tips. There is a black-colored circle around the eyes, and the iris is light blue. The beak is a bit long and curved at the front. 

Diet: They seek food mainly around saltwater coasts. They rarely venture towards the deep sea. These white birds have also been observed perusing lakes and rivers looking for fish. They dive into the water, capture their prey, and swallow quickly. They never take their food to other places to devour. Northern gannets typically target schools of fish, which are near the surface.

Behavior: These mate for life and return to each other every season. The male courts another female only when its mate dies. Both the parents feed the nestlings and are highly possessive of their family. These birds are notorious for their violent wrestles. They poke intruders or other gannets brutally, and their fights can last for hours resulting in a lot of damage.

Ivory gull

Ivory Gull

Height: 17in.

Weight: 450 to 700gms

Appearance: The adult ivory gull is wholly white except the black feet. The beak is thick and yellow at the front. The offspring have a dark face and dark spots on wings and tail.

Diet: These white birds visit Ohio in the winters. They primarily rummage through the food left behind by other birds or animals. They also loot food from other seagulls. When at sea, they plunge into the water to prey upon squids and fish. Their diet also includes small crabs, worms, and rodents. They routinely follow polar bears to gorge on the scraps of the prey left by them.

Behavior: Male and female ivory gulls, both mates, construct the nest together. Moss or seaweed are used for it. In some instances, their nests have been discovered on moving ice. They live in small colonies, and non-mated males attempt to mount mated females. 

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